Adwaa Al Shehaab Company (ASC) is a well established regional consulting firm covering a diverse area of business functions. Our teams of specialized consultants are present to solve the hardest problems and improve business performance. Working together hand in hand with our clients, our consultants analyze, recommend, design, and implement modules that will help resolve issues and optimize productivity.  By blending in with client teams, our consultants become an integral part of the company and are there to offer hands on contributions in a collaborative spirit.  Our belief in partnerships extends to working with other organizations when needed to provide the best service possible.

Our Vision

To be the region’s most valued, respected, and sought-after consulting company by both clients and talented individuals.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in meeting and exceeding their potentials by established a trusting partnership between talented exceptional people enabling our clients to successfully compete and lead in their markets.

Our Values

We believe that in order to achieve the best results we must live in accordance to the highest values. The values we hold true are what move us forward and keep us focused.

  • Commitment: To provide excellent service, and innovative solutions we must be committed to delivering more value than expected. This means we go a step further than just doing what the client asked. We take ownership of our work and act as if our resources were at stake.
  • Integrity:  we do what is right and not what is most popular. We uphold the highest integrity towards ourselves and our clients because without it, we cannot build the trust needed to create strong partnerships.
  • Leadership: We hire only individuals who are able to shape, and convince others of changes that need to be made for the future benefit of the client. Our teams are flexible enough to have the courage to come up with solutions and implementations that are new and different, while creating the environment that allows them to implement these solutions in the most efficient and positive way.
  • Quality:  We maintain high standards of service and bring the best team of talents and minds from around the globe when needed.